VX Mining

Our mining formulas have been created to optimise the crypto mining space. Our Mining Kits are made from the best components out there and at the best prices. You can easily mine several  different coins to satisfy your needs and get the best results.

1. MACHINES                       2. MODELE                     3. CATEGORIES                     4. SPECIFICATION

VX3 Extra                                                       3800 €

Each machine comes with a complete mining platform, optimized, energy efficient and plug and play. It allows you to manage
and monitor the machine, including remotely, with a web interface. 

Complete user guide included with the package.


GRAPHIC CARD                      HARD DRIVE
6 GTX 1070(NVIDIA RIG)              120GB Fast SSD

MOTHERBOARD                           POWER SUPPLY
6 GPU Supported                           1300w Fully Platinum Modular

PROCESSOR                                  RISERS
6 GPU Supported                             6PCI-E

LGA 1150/1151                                OTHERS
6 GPU Supported                             Close Frame + Five Powerful Fans

4GB DDR3/DDR4                      

Mining Hashrate ≈ 180 MH/s

Energy: 750w

Mining Hashrate ≈ 2700 S/s

Energy: 750w

Mining Hashrate ≈ 3800 H/s

Energy: 650w