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Venturex Solutions was created to meet an increasing demand: finding the best way to mine crypto-currencies from home with the best material and the least hassle. Venturex Solutions is specialised in mining solutions. We deliver quality services enabling our clients to make the best choices in terms of mining optimisation. When you purchase mining equipment, not only do you benefit from global cryptocurrency transactions, but can also use or sell the equipment to your sole satisfaction!

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Venturex team

Venturex is a growing team of dynamic and professional people. Our goal is to enable any person to access the crypto-industry by giving out the right knowledge in order to find the right solutions.

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Our mining formulas have been created to optimise the crypto mining space. Our Mining Kits are made from the best components out there and at the best prices. You can easily mine several different coins to satisfy your needs and get the best results:

  • Home Mining

  • Mine from home with our plug n’ play mining solutions. Manage your activity and monitor your results.

    VX1 star: 135-145 MH/s
    VX2 star: 180-190 MH/s
    VX3 star: 180-190MH/s 
    VX4 star: 210-230MH/s 

  • Small and Medium Enterprises

  • Buying mining hardware for companies can largely optimise results. We provide solutions that will increase your company’s growth alongside your primary activity. Get in touch with us now and see how your company can benefit from our solutions.
  • Corporations

  • Venturex Solutions strives in providing solutions for larger companies too. Our model can be adapted to larger scales and benefit bigger clients. Contact us and we will see to your needs.


Cryptocurrencies are digital assets designed to work as mediums of exchange using cryptography to secure all the transactions and to control the additional units of the currency. The first and most popular one being bitcoin that is a decentralised virtual currency that was created in 2009. Since then, many other ones have been created and are called altcoins. Most of these coins use decentralised control. Decentralisation is enabled thanks to the technology bitcoin runs on: Blockchain technology. The Blockchain is a public ledger on which all transactions are registered and secured thanks to the network of users. Think of it as being a publicly viewed database with a consensus secure infrastructure.


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“Mining Made Easy” Venturex Solutions delivers the best Home Mining Solutions out there. Plug N’ Play solutions that get you up and running in no time.